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  • Herb Grinders, 4 Piece, 25 Inch, Black Grinder

    Jul 22, 2015· Newly launched 4 piece herb grinder, , 4 piece, and is great for grinding herbs, weed, tobacco, and spice/s , Chromium case, and Sharpstone - it truly is one of the top grinders available in ....

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  • CHROMIUM CRUSHER Question! | Grasscity Forums

    Jul 01, 2010· Get a good grinder that is Safe to use I'd reccomend a 2 piece Space Case(THE best quality brand out there) if your just gonna roll up Rolling with keif is a fuckin waste tbh Just make sure to clean the grinder out before use by first grinding some paper/tobacco, emptying it, washing all pieces with alcohol, rinse, and air dry completly...

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